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"Preserving our Heritage ..."

May 2020: We hope you find the below Heritage Links useful, but we also want to update you that we have created a new space specifically dedicated to Heritage Articles & Photos which contains lots of new content - the new dedicated Heritage Space can be found at the following link
Historic Graves Project
The Historic Graves initiative is an ongoing project being led by Jacinta Kiely and John Tierney of Eachtra Archaelogical Services which surveys old graveyards across the country and beyond and documents the results on their fascinating website. In 2016 it was the turn of the 'Old Graveyard' in Clashmore which was fully surveyed by by John and Jacinta with the help of a group of interested locals - the results can be seen here.
***Update: The 'New Graveyard' at St. Cronan's Parish Church was surveyed in September 2017 and has added to the fabulous local resources we now have at our fingertips - this survey can be found here.
There are several aspects to carrying out the survey from photo-recording to headstone transcription to headstone 'rubbings' which attempt to trace an 'impression' of the beautiful headstone decorations/adornments of the time, an activity which seems to be particularily enjoyed by our younger volunteers
Clashmore/Kinsalebeg Heritage Group
During 2017 a small group of interested parties gathered togather to form a local interest group called Clashmore/Kinsalebeg Heritage Group which aims to record and preserve the history and heritage of the area, while also endeavouring to promote the area as it is today. Our first event was held at the beginning of September at Clashmore Heritage in conjunction with National Heritage Week with an introduction to our "Clashmore Village Streetscape: 1850 - 2000" project, an interactive map of which can now be viewed on the 'Articles' page of this website. It is hoped to hold more events as time goes on and we welcome any ideas relating to our local heritage, no matter how big or small you might think a topic is. Also as part of this project we are in the process of collecting any old or rare photos from the area, so anyone who might have photos which they might like to share can contact is at ckheritagegroup@gmail.com and they can easily be scanned for posterity. Indeed anyone who might have any ideas relating to our history or heritage or wish to take join our group you can contact us at the same email address.
Finally anybody who may be trying to trace some ancestors around our area, please feel free to contact us at this same address and we will at least try to point you in the right direction if possible with the resources available to us.

Local Genealogy
People often make contact with us to request help with tracing their family tree for them and some times we are able to help out with that but at the very least we can try to point you in the right direction as there are many great local and online resources which can help you in your search! If you have a specific query relating to people or places, past or present, from our parish of Clashmore/Kinsalebeg then please feel free to contact us at this link.
Waterford Museum/Waterford County Images
Waterford Museum, which is based in Friar Street, Dungarvan, is a fantastic resource for all matters relating to local history, but especially regarding West Waterford and Dungarvan in particular. It's sister project, Waterford County Images is a wonderful repository for Waterford-related photos and images, including many from our own parish of Clashmore & Kinsalebeg. This is such a worthwhile effort and goes a long way to preserving the heritage of country and town and indeed anybody can donate photos to this effort by contacting the site at this address: info@waterfordmuseum.ie
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